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Whitepaper: The Changing Face of IFE: The Re-launch of In-Flight Broadband Print E-mail
In-flight broadband is entering a new era. In addition to growth in DBS offering on-board flights, the past six months have seen announcements and strategic positioning as industry players prepare to re-launch in-flight service in the wake of Connexion by Boeing’s failure. This whitepaper which provides a high-level overview of the market, is a summary of MultiMedia Intelligence's in-depth market research report on In-Flight Broadband and live video.
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With the imminent re-launch of in-flight Internet service, strategic positioning focuses on two core areas: bandwidth and technology choice. Competitors differ whether to offer a less costly narrowband solution, or a more costly, but more robust and future-proof, broadband solution. Within the broadband space there is also positioning between the two camps of in-flight broadband solution providers, those employing air-to-ground (ATG) technologies and those using satellite-based technologies.


MultiMedia Intelligence’s whitepaper, “The Changing Face of IFE: The Re-launch of In-Flight Broadband" is free for download.



This whitepaper is based on MultiMedia Intelligence's research report "Broadband in Flight: Wi-Fi and Video as Next Generation In-Flight-Entertainment".


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