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We believe privacy and trust is important. To ensure you understand our use and disclosure of information, we have provided this policy.Our Privacy Policy reflects that of MultiMedia Intelligence LLC and applies to our website at  Use of our Site constitutes your acceptance of our Privacy Policy and consent to our use with respect to your information in compliance with our Privacy Policy.We may require you to provide personal information when you register with this Site, or when you request information about our products.  Such information may include name, title, company, address, phone number, email address, and interest areas.  Our online store also collects credit card information when making a purchase.  All forms for collecting personal information are clearly visible and disclosed. Our web tracking statistics programs may collect the IP address of the users computer or corporation.  These statistics are used to assess site usage and interest areas, but a not directly associated with specific users.  When you register for our site and login, the site collects information about usage, including time online, pages visited and documents downloaded.  We use your personal information collected through this site to assess site usage, respond to questions and requests, send you press releases, MultiMedia Intelligence Briefs, notices, and information about our research and products via email or phone, understand and identify your specific interest areas to guide our product development and sales and marketing activities, improve the information and usage of our site.  All our press release and MultiMedia Intelligence Briefs provide you with the opportunity to opt out of future emails.  Once you opt out, we immediately change your record to stop sending additional emails. We make substantial efforts to prevent you from subsequently being re-registered to receive email notices when information is gathered from other sources, such as personal meetings or business cards. 

We reserve the right to change the terms of our Privacy Policy.  Site users are encouraged to review this page periodically.  We will post all Privacy Policy changes promptly.  By continuing use of following posted changes to our Privacy Policy you agree to accept the changes.

We do not disclose personal information collected from this site to third parties, except under specific circumstances, such as 1) when required by law. 2) to our successors due to a sale or merger of our business 3) our partners associated with providing whitepapers or specific premium content or webcasts for which disclosure of the partnership is disclosed in the associated premium content, 4) agents contracted by us or partnered with us in the management of our website, sales, marketing, products, or marketing programs for which access to the information is directly relevant to providing services.  Such agents will protect personal information in compliance with our privacy policy. 

We use reasonable safeguards to protect Personally Identifiable Information we collect on this Site from unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure. However, due to the design of the Internet and other factors outside of our control, we cannot guarantee that communications between you and our servers will be free from unauthorized access by third parties.

By logging into our site, you may review and change the information you have provided to our site.  Review, changes or deletions are also possible by sending us an email to the executives listed on our contact page. is operated by
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