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Hotspot access has not achieved the ubiquity in coverage, the consistency in quality of service, nor the frequency in usage anticipated when the market initially began to expand in 2001. However, the market for public Wi-Fi access remains a vital market with continued network and usage expansion. This whitepaper identifies the key competitive factors.

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Shifts in the Market will be the Key to Future Growth

Shifts in the market that have begun to transpire over the past several years will be the key to future revenue growth in the hotspot market.

The hotspot market has grown from a network of fewer than 100 venues and a handful of players in 2001 to an anticipated 180,000 locations worldwide by end of 2007. Hotspots are available in numerous location types, but for classification purposes, MultiMedia Intelligence groups venues into 9 distinct categories including airports, cafés, convention centers, hotels, marinas, public, retail, RV park, and transportation. The most common venue types in terms of quantity or frequency of usage are airports, cafés, and hotels.


MultiMedia Intelligence’s whitepaper, “The Six Competitive Factors for Hot Spot Success” is free for download.


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