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MultiMedia Intelligence is a market research consultancy specializing in the markets and technologies that deliver and monetize digital media and services across multiple platforms. Our executives have decades of experience both in market intelligence and directly in the technology and media industries. We bring the industry's most advanced skills, insights, and expertise to our customers.

Based on primary market information and informed methodologies, MMI details service, product and component revenue, shipment and subscriber numbers, product sector data, and geographic subsets as well as the trends impacting the emergence of digital media across multiple platforms.


What sets us apart?

  • Multi-Platform, Ecosystem-Based Perspective

Looking beyond the classic 'three screens,' which include TVs, mobile handsets, and computers, MultiMedia Intelligence takes a multi-platform perspective. We put markets into the broader context of the industry ecosystems that are converging and changing traditional business models.


  • Unparalleled Primary Research

Through our partnership with Experian Consumer Research, MultiMedia Intelligence leverages among the most rigorous and complete consumer primary research in the industry. With detailed usage information available on 8,000 brands, 450+ product categories, the consumer database represents the results of 10s of thousands of consumer surveys annually.


  • Integrated Industry & Consumer Research Perspective

MultiMedia Intelligence combines media and technology industry expertise, market sizing and forecasting models with primary, survey based, in-depth data on consumer behavior, psychographics, lifestyles, opinions and attitudes. The result is industry-first market segmentation, insights and forecasts, based on combined supply-side and demand-side views of the markets, mapping end-consumer demand, behavior and purchases back through the entire value chain.


Our Coverage

Multi-Platform Digital Media

- Digital Media: video, music, gaming, services

- Mobile Operators, Services & Multimedia

- Internet/Broadband Multimedia

- Consumer Electronics, Computing & Networking

- Cable, Satellite, IPTV, VOD

- Digital advertising

- IP Security & Digital Signage

- Semiconductors & Software

Who Uses Us

MultiMedia Intelligence provides consulting and market research services to companies in the TMT (Technology, Media and Telecom) space. Multimedia Intelligence’s research is designed to serve the needs of business professionals focused on digital media, Internet portals, operators, equipment manufacturers, and technology providers.



Our clients include:


Industry Professionals



Industry Segments


· Corporate Executives

· Market Research & Competitive Intelligence

· Strategic & Product Marketing

· Public Relations

· Product & Engineering Management

· International & Regional Management

· Financial Analysts

· Business Development Executives


· Media Companies: Video, Music, Gaming, Applications·

· Operators: Telecom, Wireless, Cable, Satellite, ISPs, Portals

· Equipment Manufacturers: Consumer Electronics, Handsets, computing, Infrastructure

· Technology Providers: Software, Semiconductor, Intellectual Property

· Venture, Finance & Consulting

· Universities